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Reduced price! Fujifilm S9500 - occasione

Fujifilm S9500 - occasione



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The handle is large and shaped, between the controls - at the top, on the left side and the back of the car (with the 1.8 "LCD display) - there is space, so there is no risk of Touch more things at once.
In short, on the design level, both hat designers Fuji and the S9500 wanted to reduce the boundary between a compact and a digital reflex, at least on the plane of the machine body structure.

fuji s9000 front

Fuji s9000 front

But let's go! The Fuji S9500 has a powerful heart. The sensor is a Super CCD HR capable of recording photos at a resolution of 9 megapixels. And we are talking about 9 megapixels (3488 x 2616 pixels), in this case there is no interpolation on the starting data, as it did on the previous Super CCDs (this is of the fifth generation).
With 9 megapixels you can get really big prints and you can also ... work.

The Real Photo Technology - adopted by Fuji on the whole new range - promises almost no noise, that is noise, even for digital photos taken in precarious light conditions with sensitivity set at high ISO values ​​(the S9000 range From 80 to 1600 ISO).
The Natural Light and Anti-blur functions are responsible for "cleaning up" photos taken under difficult conditions (the first function works without flash).

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The processor that controls the speed of operations is, on paper, really powerful. So Fuji declares for the S9500 a response time of just 0.8 seconds. The shutter is able to work in a range of between 30 seconds and 1/4000 seconds.
The machine - according to the manufacturer - is able to handle the heavy, but more professional, RAW format with ease.

fuji s9000 lato

Fuji s9000 side

To frame, in addition to the LCD display (removable from the body and swiveling up and down), there is 235,000 pixels electronic tuning. What's important is the refresh rate (that is, the speed with which the image is updated) that is 60 fps. This should reduce the annoying delay of electronic sighters, which, if perfected, could become a viable alternative to the (now the best) digital reflexes.

fujifilm s9000 dorso

Fujifilm s9000 dorso

And let's zoom. Here Fuji did things great. First the excursion: 10.7 x optical magnification for a range of 35 mm, 28-300 mm. Great opening on the wide angle (f: 2.8), good on the canvas (f: 4.9). There is no image stabilizer on some m, competition beacons (eg Konica Minolta and Panasonic), partially offset by the presence of the features we mentioned at the beginning.
Photograph enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Fuji S9500 zoom has the manual focus ring. Telemacro mode lets you shoot at a distance of just 1 centimeter from the subject.

The machine is powered by four AA type batteries, which can be easily found even during travel around the world. CompactFlash or xD Card memories can be used for recording images. The 16 MB card included in the box is absolutely inadequate for a camera with this resolution.

There is also synchro attack for the external flash.
A USB 2.0 port is used for external connections. PictBridge support allows direct photo printing when you do not want to transfer them to your PC first.

The machine is also suitable for video recording with VGA and sound resolution. The cadence is 30 frames per second. During recording, you can zoom in.


The FinePix 9500 is equipped with a 9 million pixel sensor and a FUJINON zoom lens from a very wide focal length range from wide-angle to telephoto with a 10.7x magnification factor (28-300mm equivalent to 135).

The amazing 9 megapixel resolution delivers this amazing digital camcorder designed for the amateur market, exceptional shooting excellence with high sharpness and a wide field framed by a 28mm focal point zoom, up to shooting far away, thanks to the telephoto lens Very powerful, without the need to replace the lens.

The FinePix S9500 is equipped with the same "Real Photo Technology" technology as the exclusive Fujifilm technology for high quality images using high sensitivity with low noise and fast processing. Combining the newly developed Fujifilm RP Processor, along with FUJINON Lenses and the 5th Generation Super CCD HR.
The use of this technology allows the high sensitivity and superb image quality to coexist with high pose times. This technology allows you to achieve exceptional results, especially when shooting with long-range zoom.

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